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April 27, 1998

Have you ever considered running with the bulls in Pamplona? How about running against them? Too painful? Well, that's how the market's been for bears these past few years.
     "Don't Go With the Flow?" from Bloomberg Personal (May 1998)

In reality, all to many fund buyers behave like frantic butterfly collectors, flitting from one fund to the next in the never-ending pursuit of the portfolio with the top performance . . . Instead of chasing fleeting numbers, pick a fund that has low expenses, invests with a level of risk you can stomach and complements the funds you already own. Then hang on to it year after year; sell only if you need the money or if your fund falls well below its peers.
     Jason Zweig in "Proof that chasing hot funds will make you dizzy, not rich" from Money (May 1998)

Sure, we may have half of all online users, but that's still only a drop in the bucket. After all, the total number of users online is still only 4 percent of the worldwide audience for Baywatch.
     Steve Case in "AOL's Next Hurdle" from Worth (May 1998)

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