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April 20, 1998

Measured by the usual yardsticks of value, this bull market should be dead, buried, and decomposed. The fact that it ostentatiously is nothing of the kind means one of two things: Either we are in the midst of a market mania like Japan's in the late 1980's, or the old measures of value simply don't apply anymore.
     Justin Martin and Amy Kover in "How Scary Is this Market, Really?" from Fortune (4/27/98)

The market is not climbing a wall of worry, it's climbing Mt. Everest without oxygen tanks.
     Ralph Lemley and Kathy Pinto in The Lemley Letter (4/10/98)
     (Source: Barron's - 4/20/98)

Watching Microsoft encroach on your industry is like seeing an elephant head for your rose garden.
     David Kirkpatrick in "Microsoft: Is Your Company Its Next Meal?" from Fortune (4/27/98)

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