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     The following is a random collection of statistics, articles, and predictions by individuals that have publicly declared their bullish or bearish opinions on the US stock market. Strategies and predictions may be based on everything from old fashioned economics to technical analysis and astrology. It's common for opinions to change quickly, so keep in mind that these may not convey prognosticator's current opinions, and some advisors may have differing opinions regarding different time frames. Nevertheless, the following predictions are drawn from verifiable sources and are "on the record". Investor Home doesn't imply any credibility on any of the individuals or their predictions nor are you encouraged to act on this information. Whether you view this as information of value or strictly as entertainment, you'll find both bullish and bearish opinions here.

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What a Year (Predictions) $$ from Barron's (1/3/00)

     Still Bullish, but Pulling in the Horns and Down and Out on Wall St.: Still Bears After All These Years RR from the NYTimes (12/26/99)

     The Bear Market Reader from Scott Burns

     Bear's Cave from 401K Kafe

     The February 2000 issue of Smart Money included their rating of Wall Street's top strategists. The article titled "The Future is Now" by Stacey L. Bradford follows up on prior issues dating back to at least 1997. Smart Money has based the rankings on predictions regarding numerous criteria including the Dow and S&P 500, Federal Reserve policy, interest rates, the economy, 30 year T-bond yield, and individual stocks or sectors. The Pundits rankings are updated regularly on the web site. Summaries of the Guru's predictions along with a description of how the ratings are derived are also included.
  1. Abby Joseph Cohen
  2. Ralph Acampora
  3. Edward Kerschner
  4. Byron Wein
  5. David Jones
  6. Elizabeth Mackay
  7. Elaine Garzarelli
  8. Elliott Platt
  9. Barton Biggs
  10. Edward Hyman
  11. Edward Yardeni
  1. Abby Joseph Cohen
  2. Ralph Acampora
  3. Edward Kerschner
  4. Edward Yardeni
  5. Byron Wein
  6. Elaine Garzarelli
  7. David Jones
  8. Edward Hyman
  9. Charles Clough
  10. Barton Biggs
  11. Elliott Platt
  12. Michael Metz
  1. Abby Joseph Cohen
  2. Byron Wein
  3. Edward Yardeni
  4. Elaine Garzarelli
  5. David Jones
  6. Edward Hyman
  7. Charles Clough
  8. Barton Biggs
  9. Elliott Platt
  10. Michael Metz
  1. Abby Joseph Cohen
  2. Elaine Garzarelli
  3. Byron Wein
  4. Edward Hyman
  5. Edward Yardeni
  6. David Jones
  7. Charles Clough
  8. Elliott Platt
  9. Barton Biggs
  10. Michael Metz