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April 13, 1998

What seems to be missing from the current environment is even a modest sense of humility and the minute possibility that ideas hatched in the hubris of recent success can indeed blow up on a fairly large scale.
Jeff Bronchick in Reed Conner & Birdwell's Investment Strategy Letter (Source: Barron's - 4/13/98)

The key question people need to focus on is not how much money they're going to invest but how much time. People who aren't willing or able to make the time commitment may need a financial advisor. The investing game has gotten very complex.
     A. Michael Lipper in "The ABC's of Performance" from The LA Times (4/7/98)

If you can't find something you want to buy, then owning the market because everybody else thinks it is going higher is exactly what we know it is - a greater-fool game.
     Mike Rouzee in "Setting Sail" from Barron's (4/13/98)

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