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January 19, 1998

Abby Cohen said, that the U.S. is a supertanker and probably wouldn't be hurt much. But frankly, this is the year of the Titanic. A lot of companies will feel an Asian impact and it will be like hitting the Asian iceberg.
     Oscar Schafer in Barron's Roundtable '98 "What Next?" $$ (1/19/98)

David Dodd had the funniest rejoiner to the new paradigm - that the four most dangerous words in investing are "this time is different." It's not. The market, homogeneously, is overpriced.
     Scott Black in Barron's Roundtable '98 "What Next?" $$ (1/19/98)

This market is overvalued, overbought, overaged and overindulged. Jumpin Jupiter! It is a historical sell at hysterical levels, even if it decides to rise one more time.
     Arch Crawford, Crawford Perspectives (1/5/98)
     Source: Market Watch $$ from Barron's (1/19/98)

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