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January 12, 1998

What is going on in Asia is obviously quite serious for Asia, but I think will have only a denting impact on the United States. The United States is like a supertanker. We're not the fastest ship; we're not the prettiest ship, but its very hard to knock us off course and I don't think we get knocked off that good course in 1998. . . I believe that equities today for example, represent better value than they did six months ago.
     Abby Joseph Cohen on Wall Street Week (1/9/98)

It would be great if PhDs had better records in the financial markets than high school graduates, but unfortunately there's no such correlation.
     Mark Hulbert in "If You Want His Advice" from The Los Angeles Times (1/6/98)

We've got a little saying on Wall Street. . . Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while."
     Michael Price in "Norman Conquest" from Barron's (1/12/98)

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