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January 26, 1998

Move over El Nino - make room for El Libido! Like El Nino, El Libido is a force of nature that once aroused can wreak havoc. What El Nino is to weather, El Libido is to politics. Both are equally elemental, but El Nino vents its fury on crops, El Libido on careers.
     Alan Abelson in El Libido $$ from Barron's (1/26/98)

So when I add together the year 2000 problem with the Asian financial crisis, it's like mixing prescription drugs and alcohol. The body might handle each one on its own just fine, but taken together they are explosive.
     Edward Yardeni, in "One of Wall Street's Top Bulls Begins to Pull In His Horns" from Money (2/98)

Other than the stock price, we're doing great.
     Donald Trump in Stop Whining About Wall Street from Fortune (2/98)

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