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December 15, 1997

The big, never-ending problem is that Wall Street still makes more money from investment-banking relationships than they do from straight research . . . So we find there's a lack of initiative; they rarely really aggressively question what the company is telling them. What we get instead of research is reporting.
Gary Langbaum of Kemper in "After Oracle Misfire, Wall Street's Research Is Blasted" from The Wall Street Journal (12/11/97)

Measuring your portfolio's performance against a broad stock market indicator such as the S&P 500 is like comparing your tee shot to Tiger Woods'. It's not a fair match. The S&P reflects only the roaring stock market. But in real life, most investors wisely keep at least some money in tamer assets like bonds and money-market funds; they usually earn less than stocks--and have been left behind by the phenomenal stock market boom of the past three years.
Michael Sivy in "Small investors earned a safe 14% in '97" from Money Forecast 1998.

When the market is falling and you feel panic setting in, first turn off the TV . . . Then hide The Wall Street Journal. Next, take a look at the charts of long-term historical stock-market performance. After that, take a walk, go for a run, go to the movies. Think about something else--and don't trade.
Terrance Odean in "Are you Prepared for the Inevitable? Next Market Drop Will Test Investors" from The Wall Street Journal (12/9/97)

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