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December 8, 1997

I am still amazed about how many people are still in the process of denial . . . If you do not have a presence on the internet right now, you're too late.
     Carlos Otalvaro-Coronado of Wall Street E in "Rallying the Troops" from Wall Street & Technology (Volume 12, No. 12)

The dollar will never go reeling like the ringgit, go splat like the baht, plummet like the peso, become a pariah like the rupiah, get bombed like the won.
     Alan Abelson in "Stock Up!" from Barron's (12/8/97)

There's a conspiracy among Wall Street analysts not to notice . . . It's my view that when one company outshines all others in its industry to the extent Oxford did, someone should question it.
Anne K. Anderson of Atlantis Investment Co. (the only analyst following Oxford who didn't love the stock) in "See no evil, speak no evil" from Forbes (12/15/97)

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