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     The stunning growth and development of the internet in the last few decades has resulted in a wealth of financial information and resources becoming available to the public. Anyone with internet access can locate a tremendous amount of useful information, as well as execute investment decisions literally within seconds. Unfortunately, in addition to useful and valuable information, there is an overwhelming amount of useless, self-serving, time consuming, and even fraudulent information appearing on the internet. Additionally, while having access to more information can be a great benefit, it doesn't necessarily translate into better investment performance. (See also Protect Yourself from Investor Protection Trust.)

      A major issue now is how to take advantage of the information and communication efficiencies of the internet to quickly and easily find useful, quality information and improve efficiency in the investment process. With this in mind, Investor Home was established to assist investors in the following ways.

      Investor Home includes links and background information for each step in the investment process and all of the major Asset Classes including Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, Venture Capital, Alternative, and Tangible investments. You'll also find quotes and summaries of research from some the industry's most respected sources.

      The sources of information available on the web are amazingly diverse. Current news, graphs, quotes, and interactive tools are now commonplace and easily accessible. Many of the most respected sources including individuals, news providers, companies providing investment services (See Brokers and Mutual Funds), academic and government resources (See Education), professional journals, and books are all now available through the magic of the internet. Investor Home includes links to the useful sites and, where appropriate, the pages and sections within sites from all of these sources. The links are arranged by subject and combined with relevant information and empirical evidence.

      Investor Home is also a fully functional home page providing efficient navigation to the most useful sites and tools on the internet. From the home page you can search Google, Bing, Amazon, or access a collection of research sites and commentators. The site format is relatively simple in part because simple and low cost is what has been proven to work best in the investment business. I'm always looking for ways to improve the home page, so please don't hesitate to offer suggestions (email me at

      Feel free to visit whenever and as often as you like. First time visitors are encouraged to scan the entire Table of Contents and novice investors may find the Investment Process of particular interest. If you find Investor Home useful, you are encouraged to bookmark it or make it your home page.

Happy surfing!

Gary Karz, CFA
Publisher of InvestorHome and Author of The Peaceful Investor (2020)

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