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     I have been publishing web sites since 1996, but my career in investments began in 1987 during my junior year in business school at the University of Southern California after I passed the NASD series 7 stockbroker exam. I also worked for former Goldman Sachs Partner Lewis J. Kaufman, and I spent over a decade at Plexus Group (and JP Morgan Chase & Investment Technology Group via mergers) advising some of the largest and most successful money managers in the world. I manage investment analytics with Lou Taylor and the team at Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group. I live in Los Angeles with my wife and four children.

     In 2014 award winning journalist Jason Zweig at The Wall Street Journal generously called me one of fifteen “Smart People for Investors to Follow” (along with Warren Buffett, Howard Marks, William Bernstein and others). Zweig encouraged investors to socialize “only with investors who are calm and methodical” and "ignore the markets’ momentary twitches and spasms and, instead, to focus on the long term." Zweig summarized InvestorHome as follows
This site, maintained by financial analyst Gary Karz, offers a vast trove of reference material, including countless links to original research. Investors who want to educate themselves deeply using primary sources can start here.


A sample of some generous cherry-picked comments
that have been made about me and my web sites.

I must compliment you on the originality, thoroughness, and usefulness of what you have put together.
Peter Bernstein (Author of Against the Gods and Capital Ideas)

Your site is a treasure trove of information.
William Sharpe

You have created a remarkable resource for investors and anyone interested in the financial markets.
William Goetzmann

Site founder Gary Karz, a chartered financial analyst, is a voracious reader equally at home with Money or the Journal of Finance. Karz summarizes like a good journalist while documenting his research with footnotes meticulous enough to satisfy a panel of academics. And if there is any information online about the subject he is discussing, he will drop in a link. He’s also scrupulously fair.
Wayne Harris in “Fund Site of the Month” March 1999, Mutual Funds Online

Webmaster Gary Karz is an indefatigable organizer... what sets Investor Home apart is its original content-the icily objective rigor of Karz’s investment analysis... Karz’s commentary reveals that he has actually read, evaluated, and assimilated most of the material on other sites.
Wayne Harris in "One-Stop Shops" July 1998, Individual Investor Magazine

Intelligent and knowledgeable, Karz has great investigative skills and instincts... Entrepreneurs like Karz who are more interested in providing good information than making a quick buck are a rare breed.
Eric Tyson in "Web investing books provide limited help" February 22, 1998, San Francisco Examiner


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