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     The World Wide Web offers tremendous educational opportunities for those interested in learning more about investments and finance. The amount of educational material available on the web is extraordinary and ranges from simplistic to extremely complex. In fact, many of the most respected professors, journals and firms in the industry now make some of their research available on the web. Educational information on specific topics can be found on the respective Investor Home pages (See The Investment Process, The Table of Contents, and Generally Accepted Investment Principles). The Vanguard Group's On-line University provides straight-forward articles that are in-line with current finance theory and empirical research.

While it's possible to become knowledgeable in specific areas through independent research, you're likely to obtain the best and most well rounded education in finance from the top business schools or the CFA program, which is rapidly becoming the standard in the US as well as worldwide.

Business Schools - Business Week ranking of B-Schools (10/21/96)
Huge list of MBA links and info. See also Professors.
Alliance for Investor Education
Social Science Research Network
The Hottest Campus on the Internet is about Duke's internet and other MBA programs in Business Week (10/20/97)

U.S. Government Publications

"The highway will bring together the best work of countless teachers and authors for everyone to share. Teachers will be able to draw on this material, and students will have the opportunity to explore it interactively. In time this access will help spread education and personal opportunities even to students who aren't fortunate enough to enjoy the best schools or the greatest family support. It will encourage a child to make the most of his or her native talents."
     Bill Gates, The Road Ahead

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