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June 30, 1997

"Geriatric as it may be, this old economy continues to create jobs with jack-rabbit fecundity."
     Alan Abelson, in "Best of Times" RR from Barron's (6/30/97)

"Have investment management games, like global warfare games, become loser's games, just like tic-tac-toe? Think about it."
     John C. Bogle of the The Vanguard Group in his Keynote Speech at the Morningstar conference.

"How many years will it take to shake today's investors loose from their certainty about the superiority of stocks over the long run?"
     Peter Bernstein in Long Run or Also-Ran? from Worth (July/August 1997)

"The Net is a 10.5 on the Richter scale of economic change."
     Nicholas Negroponte, in Psst! Transactions from Forbes (7/7/97)

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