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June 23, 1997

"The Clinton economy-which might more accurately be called the Rubin economy, since its present strength derives more from the Treasury secretary's views than from the president's-is the healthiest one this country has seen since the 1960s (and arguably even longer)."
     Jacob Weisberg in "Traitor to his Class?" Worth (July/August 1997)

"Don't kid yourself about new paradigms and interleague baseball: The stock market is high."
     Roger Lowenstein (author of Buffett) in The Wall Street Journal (6/19/97)

"...individual investors trade too often, buy the wrong kinds of stocks and regularly make wacky decisions about what to sell--behavior that makes even laboratory rats look good."
     Paul Sturm in "Herd on the Street" Smart Money (July 1997)

"This is the 1987 stock market crash in reverse. The more it goes up, the more people want to buy."
     Bill Fleckenstein (Smart Money's Quote of the month - July 1997)

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