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How Investor Home Took the Title

     Congratulations! You've been had. Nobody controls the "official rights" to the year 2000 and the "New Millennium." Therefore anyone can claim the rights . . . Thus, Investor Home hereby claims the crown for itself and becomes the official holder of the title.

      Credit for the marketing ploy goes to M&M/Mars for their ingenious "Official Candy of the New Millennium" advertising campaign. See "Milking the Millennium" by Paul Lukas in Fortune (4/13/98). For outstanding coverage of the Year 2000 problem (if that's what you're looking for) check out Dr. Ed Yardeni's Year 2000 Home Page.

      Actually, with its objective, long-term oriention, Investor Home fully intends to earn the title - Stay Tuned. As the new millennium approaches, keep an eye on The Magic Number and drop by the What's New page periodically. By the way, don't be a sucker with your investments (see A Stock-Market Scam and Cherry-Picking).

Investor Home is 100% Year 2000 compliant

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