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Investor Home has been cited in dozens of on-line articles, periodicals, newspapers, and professional journals including Morningstar,, Microsoft Investor, Forbes, Barron's, Individual Investor Magazine, Mutual Funds Magazine, The Journal of Finance and the Financial Analysts Journal.


"Your site is a treasure trove of information."
     William F. Sharpe (Stanford Professor and 1990 Nobel Prize Winner in Economics)

"You have created a remarkable resource for investors and anyone interested in the financial markets."
     William N. Goetzmann (Yale Professor)

Individual Investor Magazine

The July 1998 issue of Individual Investor Magazine included a five paragraph review of Investor Home. The following are some excerpts from the the article titled "One-Stop Shops" by Wayne Harris (author of Cybertools for Business).
The motto of Investor Home ( could be "as deep as you care to go." The site's welcome page is the equivalent of a military command center. All the investment dials and gauges, all the weapons you need, are arranged in front of you, starting with more than 60 links to leading investment sites . . . Row one offers market information, quotes, and charts for stocks, bonds, gold, and you-name-it. Row two connects with online investment publications. Rows three to six? Links to other sites, including Yahoo!, Microsoft Investor, and Silicon Investor; online brokers; a potpourri of recommended books on investing; market-sentiment surveys; financial calculators; and investment gallows humor. Next you'll find charting tools, and one of the most powerful stock and fund-specific information gatherers on the web. Typing in a mutual fund or stock symbol produces an almost mind-boggling set of links to quotes, charts, company news, fundamental research, SEC documents, and historical price data, among other things . . . But what sets Investor Home apart is its original content . . . anyone truly interested in understanding the risks and rewards in today's market should bookmark this site first.

The October 1997 issue of Individual Investor Magazine included the following in their FYI section.
"Whether you're searching for a step-by-step guide to financial planning, or the right questions to ask a prospective financial advisor, or for links to the Web pages of such financial gurus as Microsoft chairman Bill Gates or the Nobel laureate William F. Sharpe, you're likely to find it at Investor Home ( . . . comprehensive list of links will send you ping-ponging around the web to the best parts of some of the most useful sites for investors."

San Francisco Examiner

The Sunday 2/22/98 issue of the San Francisco Examiner included the following in an article by Eric Tyson (author of Investing For Dummies, Personal Finance For Dummies and several other "For Dummies" books) titled "Web investing books provide limited help."
"Those who want to learn more about how to use the Internet as a personal investor's resource should look at the Web site Investor Home ( . . . the site is the most authoritative guide to the best and most popular Internet investing sites I've seen . . . Investor Home, which has won numerous awards, does an outstanding job of screening out the bad Internet investing sites."

Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine

The February 1998 issue of Kiplinger's included the following under the title "A Site Made in 'What-If' Heaven."
"For a real bonanza of financial calculators, visit on the World Wide Web. There you will find almost 100 calculators, including more than a dozen for retirement-planning issues. The calculators are part of the Investor Home site (, a well-organized offering of helpful financial and investment information."


Investor Home was listed in Barron's " Webbed Feat" by Leslie P. Norton on September 29, 1997. The article listed new and improved web sites for mutual fund investors.
"Includes quizzes on investing, sample questions from the Chartered Financial Analysts Exam, stock and fund info, links. Bill Sharpe likes this site."


Thanks for the **GREAT**..... web-site. I found more information on your site in two hours than I found surfing the net for two months.
     Ray L.

Your explanations and directions are the simplest and clearest that I have found on the web, even though you are dealing with complex material. If you haven't already won major awards, you should . . . You are a model of how a website should be set up. Thanks.
     Ron H.


Investor Home is "The Official Investor Web Site of the New Millennium."
How Investor Home took the title.
Investor Home was selected as's "Top Finance Site" for the week of 11/6/99.
StudyWebInvestor Home was chosen on 7/22/99 by StudyWeb as one of the best educational resources on the Web by their researchers.
WebbyInvestor Home was nominated for the 1999 Webby Award and "The People's Voice Award" for the "Best Site of the Year" in the Finance category. The Webbys have been dubbed "The Oscars of the Internet" with winners determined by judges. The People's Voice Awards were determined by internet vote. The other nominees were ClearStation, E-Loan, The Wall Street Journal, and the The Motley Fool (the winner). The winner in the 1998 Money/Business category was The Vanguard Group.
PolyInvestor Home was chosen as one of the 200 best international research sites by Polyconomics. They describe Investor Home as a site that "offers quick access to some of the best financial news and information links available on the Internet. And because it comes without clumsy frames, it rises above most other sites geared to the financial world."
Investor Home was selected as one of AIMR's The 100 Top Web Sites for Investment Professionals.
teddyInvestor Home was honored with the "CyberTeddy" award on 8/19/97 and chosen for listing in the People's Choice WebSite 500.
Jayde GoldInvestor Home was honored with the Jayde "Gold Diamond Award" on 8/10/97. The award is presented to sites based on "excellence in style, design and, most especially, content." The Jayde Online directory receives over 1,000 submissions per day.
CM awardInvestor Home was honored with the "Critical Mass Award" on 6/6/97. The award is given to sites that have useful content, good presentation and are easy to navigate.
Education Index AwardInvestor Home was selected as one of the best education-related resources on the Internet by the editors of The Education Index on 6/5/97. The award is given only to sites "that are well-organized, reliable, and provide valuable information for someone interested in a given category."
Investor Home was chosen to be included in Web-star's exclusive Bookmarks on 5/28/97. Bookmark categories are limited to ten listings, and the "Life, Money" category on that day included Investor Home and CNNfn only.
Investor Home was awarded "Best of the Net" by EZ Connect on 5/23/97.
LLF Award Investor Home was chosen as a Leading Learning Fountain and featured in the 5/22/97 issue of Learning-Fountain Marketing. The honor is awarded to sites meeting "6 Requirements for Excellence" - Fast Loading, Visitor-Centric, Learning Catalyst, Focused, Thorough, and Transaction Enabling.
Investor Home was chosen as a Starting Point "Hot Site" and featured on 5/13/97. This honor was awarded after visitors voted for Investor Home after viewing it in the New section.


Investor Home was featured on CNBC during "Power Lunch" on Friday 7/25/97. The following is the text of Bill Griffeth's report on the "Cool Web Site" of the week.

We’ve got our cool web site for the week as Power lunch continues after this.


Quickly our cool web site for this week is a -
I always look for those that try and teach investors more about investing, and this is a pretty good one.

Its called Investor Home
(with big screen scrolling the site in the background).

Its a full service site for investors full of links to other sites, a search engine to get you information about individual stocks and mutual funds, things like that.

When you get to the home page though, click on the tests button. You find out how much you know about investing and saving for retirement. There are a number of quizzes on investing, on mutual funds, on saving for retirement. They’re from The Vanguard Group, PaineWebber, T. Rowe Price, and others. Its really great stuff.

There are also a number of sample questions from the very difficult and comprehensive Chartered Financial Analyst exam. Those of you looking to get into the business and don’t know how to start - take a look at this site. See if you can answer some of these questions and maybe it’d give you a good idea whether you have the aptitude for getting into this business or not.

The web site address again is and look for that tests button on there.

Happy surfing.

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