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April 2001

The first quarter of 2001 was the worst-performing quarter for the domestic-stock categories since the crash of 1987 . . . If there was ever a time when stocks and bonds moved in opposite directions this was it. In fact, every stock fund category, with the exception of small-cap value, ended the quarter in the red and nearly every bond fund category ended the quarter in the black. The only solace for stock investors is that the quarter is finally over.
Scott Berry in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from Morningstar (3/31/01)

The market has no respect for your station in life or for how smart an investor you have been until now. In fact, the market in this incarnation most prefers to humiliate those who remain smug or who appear to be telling it what to do and when to do it.
Tom Petruno in "Great Humbler Will End Agony When Everyone Knows Who's Boss" from the LA Times (3/18/01)

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