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May 1, 2000

To me, a bear market is when investors want to get out of stocks in general. They hit a puke point, and that's when you know you've hit bottom.
A. Gary Shilling in Still Bullish ($$) from Barron's (5/1/00)

When the economy gets overheated and Help Wanted signs are everywhere, the monetary doctors step in to cool the patient. The doctors are clumsy, the dosages are imprecise, and the medicine is unpalatable. The therapy may be necessary for vitality and longevity, but the whole process is unpleasant and the market, tender-hearted in the extreme, tends to grow ever more disconsolate over the suffering involved.
Jim Griffin in Aeltus weekly (4/24/00)

Investors should be skeptical of what they hear or read about the market, including this Market Commentary.
Ralph Wanger in Bear Market Is Here - Market Commentary (4/17/00)

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