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February 21, 2000

It would be imprudent . . . to presume that the business cycle has been purged from market economies so long as human expectations are subject to bouts of euphoria and disillusionment. We can only anticipate that we will readily take such diversions in stride and trust that beneficent fundamentals will provide the framework for continued economic progress well into the new millennium.
Alan Greenspan in Humphrey-Hawkins testimony ($$) before the House Banking Committee (2/17/00)

Many investors need the help of financial advisors to overcome weak self-control that tempts them to buy a Rolex when a Timex would do or when the retirement coffer is a better place for extra funds.
Meir Statman in "Behavioral Finance: Past Battles and Future Engagements" from the Financial Analysts Journal (Nov/Dec 2000)

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