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December 13, 1999

Forecasters, by definition, are biased and untrustworthy recorders of current economic events. In other words, they tend to uncover evidence that supports their forecasts, and they ignore or analytically dismiss anything that challenges it. And even if the headline data appear to contradict their disclosure of the universe, they will undoubtedly uncover some statistic or extenuating circumstance that dovetails neatly with their worldview.
John Liscio in The U.S.: Love It, Don't Leave It (RR) from Dow Jones Asset Management (November/December 1999)

The line between the online and offline investing worlds has virtually disappeared. Today, investors are looking for the optimal broker, period.
Glenn Tongue in They Want You Wired! from Fortune's Investor’s Guide 2000 (12/20/99)

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