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July 12, 1999

Call me an old fogy, but my belief is that anyone who ignores valuation and history is at hazard . . . This decade looks like the 1980s on amphetamines . . . investors don't seem to realize that the only way to match the returns of the two-decade period just ended is to have a replay of the Japanese market of the 1980s. It could happen, given investor enthusiasm. But I wouldn't bet on it.
Scott Burns in Faulty Towers from Worth (July 1999)

The fact is that despite the inexorable logic of the Internet--eliminate the middleman, let efficiency rule--there are times when the real world will not concede gracefully, when the roadblocks it places in the way of technology and progress and all that are simply too strong to push aside.
Melanie Warner in Drug Test from Fortune (7/19/99)

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