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June 28, 1999

Effort-free in-home gambling arrived just a short while ago, and it is called, needless to say, Online Trading . . . We are a nation of gamblers. Indeed, a species of gamblers. The difference is that now the betting window is right there at our fingertips. The wait until "post time," what with the seeming inevitability of "24/7" trading, will soon shrink to nothing. We will survive this, of course. But it may not be pretty.
Andrew Tobias in Costly Addictions (6/23/99)

People who believe in the summer rally usually measure it from the summer's low to the summer's high. The trick in that scorekeeping is that any three-month period is likely to contain a rally.
John Dorfman in Summer Rally Is One of Three Summer Market Myths from Bloomberg (6/24/99)

A computer does not substitute for judgement any more than a pencil substitutes for literacy. But writing without a pencil is no particular advantage.
Robert McNamara (cited in Quotable Business)

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