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March 15, 1999

For the best technology companies, an initial public offering has less to do with raising capital than with public relations. The IPO is a media and marketing event. CEOs want the cachet that comes with an offering from a leading investment bank, not an upstart, and they want well-regarded analysts to translate and communicate the corporate message.
Richard A. Shaffer in IPOs for Everyone from Fortune (3/29/99)

Caveat emptor may be the byword of traditional commerce, but E-business has added a new twist: Caveat venditor. Let the vendor beware.
Robert D. Hof in The Buyer Always Wins RR from BusinessWeek (3/22/99)

Every person, whether he is an employee or self-employed, is like an individual business. Your career is your business, and you are its CEO. Just like the CEO of a large corporation, you must respond to market forces, head off competitors, and be alert to the possibility that what you are doing can be done in a different way. You must protect your career from harm and position yourself to benefit from changes in the operating environment.
Andrew Grove in Your Career Is Your Business from Fortune (3/29/99)

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