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January 18, 1999

I read in an article that someone said P/Es don't matter anymore. And if that's true than the stock market is a casino. I don't believe the market is a casino. I think people invest in the market, and if you invest you invest in value. If that person thinks that P/Es don't matter do they feel the same way when they buy a car, when they buy a house, when they go shopping? These are all connected to the stock market.
Gail Dudack on Wall $treet Week (1/15/99)

TIPS! How people want tips! They crave not only to get them but to give them. There is greed involved, and vanity. It is very amusing, at times, to watch really intelligent people fish for them. And the tip-giver need not hesitate about the quality, for the tip-seeker is not really after good tips, but any tip. If it makes good, fine! If it doesn't, better luck with the next.
Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefevre

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