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December 21, 1998

When small investors attempt to play options, they are entering a world with its own rules and with a pace of trading so fast that only the most sophisticated can keep pace. It would be like entering the Indy 500 on a bicycle. As you are pedaling down the back stretch, you get killed when cars come roaring by at 250 miles per hour.
Peter Siris in Guerrilla Investing

Nowadays the problem is not information access but information overload. The real value produced by an information provider comes in locating, filtering, and communicating what is useful to the consumer. It is no accident that the most popular Web sites belong to the search engines, those devices that allow people to find information they value and to avoid the rest. In real estate, it is said that there are only three critical factors: location, location, and location. Any idiot can establish a Web presence--and lots of them have. The big problem is letting people know about it.
Carl Shapiro and Hal R. Varian in Chapter 1 of Information Rules

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