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October 26, 1998

Many people have disagreements about where stocks will be next week or next month. But if I tell you that stocks are better long-term values today than they were at the height of the bull market, I doubt you'd disagree with me.
Jeremy Siegel (author of Stocks for the Long Run) in "Everybody Loves Jeremy Siegel" from Fortune (11/9/98)

Mr. Greenspan is a very persuasive fellow indeed, but so was the Wizard of Oz-at least for a while.
Bill Meehan in Cantor Fitzgerald's Morning News
Source: Barron's Market Watch (10/26/98) $$

It's still a little too early to be pushing the panic button. But it's probably a good time to make sure you know where the panic button is.
Nicholas Perna, InvestmentNews Closing Quote (10/19/98)

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