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October 12, 1998
Whatever happened to Goldilocks? You remember -- that cute little economy who was not too hot and not too cold, but just right . . . just like that -- Goldilocks is a missing economy. An eerie silence has replaced the paeans sung in her praise. The name that launched a thousand bullish brokerage reports suddenly rates not even a whisper.
Alan Abelson in "Goodbye to Goldilocks" $$ from Barron's (10/12/98)

The truth of the matter is that we have got an economy which, as of now, just looking at it as economists like to do, with the real variables, which is really still quite an impressive sight.
Alan Greenspan in a speech to the National Association for Business Economics $$ (via WSJ) - 10/7/98

There are three proven business opportunities on the Web (with apologies to the portal companies): sex, sports and stocks. Ironically, online stock trading may be the sexiest business of the three.
Jim Evans in "Electric Avenue" from Upside (10/09/98)

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