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August 24, 1998

The Web provides unending information and obvious trading-cost advantages. But, Levitt warns, don't think the internet gives a tip or a stock extra credibility; rather, it is a fraudster's dream--it's a cheap and anonymous way to reach a lot of people. And knee-jerk trading on-line will only guarantee that you lose your money even faster if you haven't done your homework.
     Allison Kopicki in "Levitt Says Ask" from Bloomberg Personal Finance (September 1998)

Brokers will tell you that the more often clients review their positions the more often they trade. This may or may not be a good thing.
     John Koten in "The Future of .Investing" from Worth (September 1998)

Again and again, investors make the same classic investment mistakes. They overreact to news reports. They extrapolate recent trends in a straight line, too readily and too far. And they cling too hard to a single talisman as the guide to what a company, or the economy or the market will do.
John Dorfman in Avoid These Three Classic Investment Mistakes from Bloomberg (8/13/98)

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