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July 6, 1998

The sudden emergence of information technologies along with the peak spending years of the massive Baby Boom generation, the largest in history, will usher in a new era of prosperity and sweeping changes . . . Internet usage by consumer households by 2002 will fundamentally change how and where we live and work. It will create a new economic surge that features a huge array of customized goods and services at increasingly affordable prices, and usher in nothing less than the greatest boom in history and an unprecedented opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs, great buys in real estate, and a wealth of high-quality lifestyle choices for people who anticipate these changes.

Harry Dent (author of The Roaring 2000s and The Great Boom Ahead) in "Seer Speaks" $$ from Barron's (7/6/98)

Respect the difficulty of working with a mass of information. Few of us can use it successfully. In-depth information does not translate into in-depth profits.
David Dreman (Rule 2) in Contrarian Investment Strategies

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