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June 22, 1998

Some of the best people in the world have destroyed themselves by calling market tops . . . When you've got a bull market with this pedigree, you have be careful.
Gary Anderson in "It Looks Like We're in a Market Top" from Bloomberg (5/18/98)

Some people argue the Internet's going to replace financial planners, everyone's going to do everything on the Internet. I think that's just a silly conclusion. There always will be a major role for financial planners and all advice givers.
Robert C. Pozen (President of Fidelity) in "We're not going to merge, we're not going to be acquired" from InvestmentNews (6/15/98)

Just because the technology makes buying and selling easier (in some cases a lot easier), it is as important as ever to carefully define your financial goals, to chose some practices that will help you reach those goals and to stick to them--even when it gets really tempting to point, click and trade just because it's so easy to do.
     Joel Dreyfuss in "A New World, New Options" from (Special Issue)

The latest rage in online investing is real-time quotes, a tool that purports to put amateur investors on the same terrain as the professional traders. We don't think it's that big a deal. If knowing a stock's price every minute of the day is important to you, you're not an investor anymore, you're a trader.
     Duff McDonald in "An Ocean of Choices" from (Special Issue)
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