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June 8, 1998

Long booms often end in big busts. There is a rhythm in economic cycles: expansion, the growth of structural imbalances in the economy, collapse, recovery, then more growth . . . Stock prices are not merely outpacing the rate of earnings growth; one trend is moving opposite the other.
David Hackett Fischer in "Long Boom, Big Bust?" from Bloomberg Personal (June 1998)

There are two investing eras that count in my lifetime--the 1980s bull market, which ended in the crash of 1987, and the 1990s bull market, which began when we last bombed the bejesus out of Iraq and runs, Pamplona-like, as I write.
James Cramer in "How to Become Rich Before You Get Old" from GQ (May 1998)

The internet has now reached the mass market . . . It's no longer just for people who want to play with technology.
Gideon Sasson in "Why Wall Street Firms Trail in On-Line Battle" from the Wall Street Journal (6/2/98)

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