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November 17, 1997

So, once again, we find ourselves between Iraq and a hard place. . . Frankly, we thought six years ago that trying to fine-tune Saddam was the equivalent of trying to fine-tune Godzilla. We were wrong - Godzilla you can reason with.
     Alan Abelson in "Play It Again, Saddam" from Barron's (11/17/97)

The Justice Department's position is equivalent to the government telling personal computer manufacturers that they can't include word processing, spreadsheet or email functionality in PCs because it would be unfair to typewriter, calculator and courier companies.
     Bill Gates in "Who Decides What Innovations Go Into Your PC?" (11/10/97)

Microsoft is unlawfully taking advantage of its Windows monopoly to protect and extend that monopoly and undermine consumer choice.
     Janet Reno in "Justice Department Charges Microsoft With Violating 1995 Court Order" (10/20/97)

. . . the cost of computing has fallen 10 million-fold since the microprocessor was invented in 1971. Thatís the equivalent of getting a Boeing 747 for the price of a pizza. If this innovation had been applied to automotive technology, a new car would cost about $2; it would travel at the speed of sound; and it would go 600 miles on a thimble of gas.
     Bob Herbold, COO of Microsoft, in "letter to Ralph Nader" (11/13/97)

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