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October 27, 1997

I wish we could just get out of this month already . . . October is the traditional crash month.
Edward Yardeni in The Wall Street Journal's "Will Asian Turmoil Do Permanent Damage To U.S. Stocks? Not Much, Analysts Predict"

Ever since the Dow first hit 8000, we've been saying that while the party may not be over, the fun is ending . . . It's going to be more difficult to make money. A lot of positive news has been factored into the market.
Laszlo Birinyi in Forget Asia, the Dow Has Its Own Problems $$ from Barron's (10/27/97)

With a balanced fund, it's the equivalent of a Rolls-Royce with vinyl seats . . . People buy stocks because they want to get rich, and they buy bonds because they don't want to be poor. People don't want those two goals mixed together.
Meir Statman in "Hate to Lose Money? Like to Gamble? Better Think About Balanced Investing" from the The Wall Street Journal (10/21/97)

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