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September 22, 1997

"People seem to have an insatiable appetite for gambling, and stocks provide a special variety: the chance to pursue gain through the use of analytical skills, together with much better odds of winning than are provided by any other casino."
     Gene Epstein in "Old Sourpuss" $$ from Barron's (9/22/97)

''people delude themselves into thinking that they know more than they do . . . people should diversify internationally, even though they consider themselves completely ignorant about France and Germany and wherever."
     Gur Huberman, Finance Professor at Columbia University
     The Perils of Investing Too Close to Home in BusinessWeek (9/29/97)

'Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.' But I am not complaining.
     Mark Mobias of the Templeton Russia Fund quoting Winston Churchill.
     International Trader $$ in Barron's (9/22/97)
     (The Russian market is up 196% over the past 12 months)

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