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July 21, 1997

The bulls are rampant. Bears are almost nowhere to be found. Even when you do manage to track down a fellow of the bearish persuasion, he often turns out to be fully invested.
     Harold Seneker, "Rumbling Ahead" in Barron's (7/21/97)

The market never "looks" worse than the day it hits a bear market bottom, and the market never "looks" better than the day it hits a bull market top. To me, this market "looks" as good now as it looked bad several months before the 1974 bottom.
     Daniel Turov, "Turov on Timing"
     Source: Market Watch in Barron's (7/21/97)

We did not repurchase any of our own stock, as we thought the price was a little high.
     Greg Maffei (Microsoft CFO regarding the latest quarter)
     Source: "The Trader" in Barron's (7/21/97)

In a nutshell, the key formula for the coming age is this: Open, good. Closed, bad. Tattoo it on your forehead. Apply it to technology standards, to business strategies, to philosophies of life. It's the winning concept for individuals, for nations, for the global community in the years ahead.
     Peter Schwartz and Peter Leyden, "The Long Boom" in Wired (July 1997)

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