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The intent of this collection of articles is neither to encourage nor discourage anyone to day trade.
Rather, the intent is to provide background, education information, and links for individuals
interested in learning more and having a deeper understanding of day trading,
equity markets, and market mechanisms.


What is a Day Trader? from Marketwatch (7/29/99)
The Electronic Traders Association
Glossary from
The Traders Glossary from Stocks and Commodities Magazine

Day Trading Humor
Doonesbury lampoons the life of a day trader

Are you addicted to Day Trading?

Some free alternatives if you are addicted

Trading is not investing. The difference is critical and involves much more than the duration of each stock position. Investing is a bet that a company or industry will improve its profitability or market share over time. Trading is a bet the stock will rise or fall in the next ten minutes or hour. Investments can lead to real gains for all shareholders as the market rises, while trades require someone to lose a dollar for every dollar you gain.
     Robert X. Cringely in Day Dreaming from Worth (October 1999)

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