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April 19, 1999

I'm not comfortable when the market goes up on good news, bad news, no news, wrestling news, cooking tips . . . ANYTHING these days seems to make the market go up . . . My hope is that we will -- if not forever, then at least for a long time -- avoid the terrible problems and setbacks that have plagued all of human history. The spread of technology, and its acceleration, lead to increased efficiency. That leads to increased prosperity. Prosperity nurtures peace. Peace nurtures prosperity. All this really may offer a new model, of sorts. Maybe the market's a bargain here and the new world order is: buy! Then again, electricity was no small thing -- think about it! -- and neither was the telephone or the airplane or television or computers. Yet the market didnít go up 20% a year over the last century, or anything even vaguely close. And recessions and panics did not disappear.
Andrew Tobias in Is The New World Order: "Buy!"? (4/14/99)

A new "virus" has invaded the on-line investing community and is spreading like wildfire. But its not Melissa, or Horace, or Millennium. This one is simply called stupidity . . . In increasing numbers, on-line amateur "investors" are ignoring even the most basic investing fundamentals, like getting the company identity right. They're confusing ticker symbols, buying the wrong stocks, and wrecking havoc with some small companies.
Irv DeGraw in Stupid Stock Tricks #5 from (4/7/99)

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