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November 9, 1998
Don't get me started on the subject of investment message boards. These online financial hootenannies are dangerous at best, and at worst the investment version of poisoned Kool-Aid . . . the most active message boards generally turn into giant cheerleading sessions that have little tolerance for anybody who dares to suggest that a company might be facing trouble.
Herb Greenberg in The Danger Lurking In Investor Message Boards from Fortune (11/23/98)

The words "Wall Street" are full of ambiguity--representing the very best and the very worst of society. The New York Stock Exchange--the bastion of capitalism--is for me a very positive image. I found the applause for Gordon Gekko's speech--in which greed is hailed as good--as counter to the ideas of capitalism. I never thought capitalism was based on greed. I thought it was based on trying to provide innovative products to society for the good of society.
John Bogle, Source: Worth (11/98)

Any country that can succeed in pushing the stock market over 8000 on Wall Street can find a way to expand the winners circle to include every American on Main Street. The great success of the 1990s will be exponential growth of new, middle-income investors on Wall Street; it's our job in the 21st century to guarantee all Americans a stake in the new economy.
Senator John Kerry, Source: Worth (11/98)

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