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August 4, 1997

The markets and the economy are like a soap opera. You don't have to see every episode to know how things will turn out.
The Internet lowers the cost of comparison shopping to nearly zero. To survive in this dynamic global pricing environment that's developing, competitors will be forced to slash prices, boost productivity and constantly introduce new and better products.
     Edward Yardeni in"Wall Street Seer" in Barron's (8/4/97)

I'm not suggesting that there's anything fundamentally wrong with the economy, nor even with the market. I'm suggesting that the bullish camp is about as crowded as I've seen it in the past 10 years and that whenever everybody goes to one side of the boat, the smallest wave can capsize it.
     Nick Murray in A Conspiracy of Silence RR from Dow Jones' Investment Advisor August 97

Storefront financial experts are becoming so common that, if they were deer, local authorities would be tempted to stage a hunt to cull the herd.
     Jim McTague in "The Advice Game" from Barron's (8/4/97)

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